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I'm Marco, a 21 years old UI/UX Designer from Hamburg.


This is a selection of all of the the projects that I have been able to work on in the past couple of years.

If there is a label saying "At Napsys", I have worked on them as part of the team at the digital agency Napsys.


Illustrations, UI and UX design for the website of the autonomous drone startup company ‚meetaa‘.

At Napsys

metropolitaner award

Award Website - UI & UX Design + Development

agency band aid

Digital Out Of Home, Print Ads and Social Media

recipe website

School project built using HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and a custom database in just one week.

About me.

  • Designer by nature

    since 2013
  • Front-End-Developer in training

    since 2017
  • Musician at heart


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